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NYC Housing Authority Competition



Whether the house is a unit of democracy or boundary in abnegation, It remains a prominent setting for the Usonian home In the 21st century. In It best from, the house emerges from the Institution of Home, and home is where wisdom and love prop open the gossamer curtain of civilization; a first universe holding a world of experiential treasures. Its domains are polysemic, and its full expression is not rightly captured by a single syllable. We believe the value of the house is not derived from practical dimensions, embellishments, or topological possessions. So then, the notions anchored by housing within human settlements carry the unique mantle of crystallizing that moment of dwelling we know as homecoming.

This Neo-Americana Urban House Is conceived as a measure of space, unadorned by the cluttered syntax of common rhetoric. Being of Its time and place, no energies are expelled evoking nostalgia and it’s aspect Is informed by atmospheric contexts. This case study exploration frames an American domicile as a setting liberated to provide a poised proscenium whereupon the unfolding of memories happens; A docile precinct purposed to express a unit of habitation. Haus NYC responds to the dense urban fabric and harsh climes of Inner city New York with a sensitive and friendly visage, dwelling spaces oriented toward unyielding natural themes, and aspirations about cooperative living.

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