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The Reserve at 40th


We Dream Development



In hope of redressing the systemic inequities of gentrification with regard to historically black communities we present a 16,000 SF civic-centered mixed- use development envisioned for urban in-fill in East Tampa, FL. This seven-square mile neighborhood is consistently overlooked for private investment and often undervalued, as evinced by its stagnant commercial development and high concentration of low-income housing. The Reserve at 40th is a proposed revitalization-through-Architecture characterized by improvisation, honest materiality, and a re-interpretation of provincial vernacular. We aimed to craft a design response to the site context that expresses genuine solidarity with the aspirations of the community to which it belongs. Part of the research process included, by necessity, meeting with neighborhood business leaders to gain understanding about the needs and desires unmet in the area.

Herein, differences are celebrated, humble materials are elevated, and sub-Tropical Resilience is integral. Our design approach considered the climate context, East Tampa overlay zoning regulations, City of Tampa comprehensive plan development direction, and the relationships between the existing residential context and the high intensity commercial thoroughfare bordering the site to the west. These four parcels comprising the newly proposed combined lot boundary feature conflicting zoning designations and low property values. This timely development proposal strikes a forward-looking relationship with the identity and heritage of the neighborhood, opening up the potential for the expression of the dynamic efficacy of its inhabitants. A harmony between its existing urban fabric and the district‘s FUTURE promotion to a regional leader IN CHARACTER, SUBSTANCE, AND SPIRIT is provided for through a bold and respectful interpretation of blending dwelling, leisure, and work together at both exterior and interior spaces.

Located at 4719 N40th Street Tampa Fl, inhabitants would have multi-modal mobility options being only five minutes from downtown, Interstate travel, and mass transit. The Reserve features 1300 SF of cafe space, 3000 SF of Tenant office space, a Second floor outdoor Terrace event space, and a public garden.

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