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car wash

Winner: 2019 AIA Tampa Bay Merit Award for Architecture

The Five Springs Auto Wash is conceived as a porous pavilion for light and water.  Simply appointed, and aesthetically restrained, the project features a bioswales, pragmatically respectful materials, CMU Walls, Hollow Core plank, and previous plastic grid paving. The best facet of this project is the story behind it. Our team was approached by a client who wanted to become an entrepreneur in the later years of her life. We fully support the narratives of economic empowerment that address the growing needs of local communities, create gainful employment, and develop vacant industrial parcels for the common good. The client was at a stage where the project momentum had evaporated along with funding and her dream was in jeopardy. In favor of serving our Alachua community, we gave pro bono pre-design, schematic design services and were able to get the client everything she needed to negotiate a better deal for the property purchase, pricing set for cost estimation, and Support documents needed to secure financing. Design that care, impacts lives, this not a car wash, this is the start of a legacy of freedom and advancement for one small family.


Auto Wash


High Springs


March 2023

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