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The Importance of Hand Drawing

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

2 Reasons to Go Old School

We revisit a critical conversation posited by a lecture at The Yale School of Architecture, " Is Drawing Dead?". While the production of drawings as been a defining act in Architecture praxis since the 16th century, there is no less a demand upon the profession to delineate form, space, material, and structure. Over time the value of hand drawing has been called into question in Architecture to a similar degree as penmanship training has in primary school education. Here are two reasons we can extract from about five hundred years of archi-culture history.

The Agency of Proprioception

We may inadvertently or more intentionally identify an agency of the sense as we drawn by hand. Why? we are more keenly engaged in an act when the stimuli produced and received within our bodies are activated. As we experience that familiar postures, pains, and expenditures of drawing and thinking graphically, the fond memories of situations, educated guesses, and histories of conditions once drawn flood back. Hand-drafting is still a 21st Century necessity, because Architecture has always been a contemporary engagement of the senses.

Dreaming of Space

The time it takes to draw constructs an interval, a fictive workshop, or more poetically, a "building that grows buildings." We To draw potential from meta-architectural moments to craft ideas, trace the formwork of dreams. Honing your drawings over time results in a mental map of a time-honored process. We begin with the opportunity presented by a blank page, and end with a visual feast of possible realities.

Drawing by hand many not take the same form as it did in the age of Brunelleschi, but the act in no less critical to the understandings and histories great Architecture must engage. We have released a new video on Rapid ideation that is being featured on the Morpholio's YouTube channel. Check out out Hand Drawing in the 21st Century.

Draw every day, try new media, think and sketch - Studio Zeren

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