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This design proposal for a new 10,000 SF Workplace rethinks the relationship between place and productivity. The proposal takes into account the balance of wellness and employee empowerment with an emphasis on day-lighting equity, empathetic materiality, and work-setting diversity. The plan was informed by the requested program and the concept “Wayfaring Ecotones”. The unencumbered workspaces present visually intuitive interplay of energetic and graphically communicative nodes. The ceiling planes, lighting, and the furnishings are employed to be define and choreograph places for gathering, growing, and nurturing innovation. We added four spaces to the office program: The Forum (presentation theatre), The Ideation Lounge, The Recharge Room, and the Incubator. Each of these spaces is intended to invite staff and leadership to home their talents, innovate, attack problems, practice self-care, and interrogate ideas in a manner that renders this office a “co -laboratory” characterized by dynamic inclusion. Aphorisms and credos location on “editable…

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